Susan Ajok - Executive Director Straight Talk Foundation

Thank you for visiting Straight Talk Foundation’s website. We hope the information provided is useful and helps you gain a general understanding of the programs we undertake as well as gain an understanding of the organization’s operations. Again, thank you for visiting us!!

We are actively engaged in a broad range of programs and activities, all focused on improving the health and well being of Uganda’s young people primary in the area of livelihoods and sexual and reproductive health . Since most of the challenges we’re facing in Uganda are correlated in nature, STF takes a highly integrated approach to fostering social and behavior change.

Straight Talk Foundation has taken on the challenge of addressing the barriers to enhancing sustainable health and development through direct engagement with its beneficiaries in an ongoing and focused manner with the involvement of important stakeholders from civil society and government of Uganda. We have made remarkable achievements by developing collaborative relationships within the health and development sector communities, and defining a long-term vision of sustainability based on the common goal for both: creating a safe and healthy environment for our own and future generations.

Creating workable alternative solutions and systems requires developing the capacity for change in individuals, communities, organizations, and institution not just changing or improving technology. Our goal is to empower people and organizations to look at all of the relationships and consequences related to what they do and to grow into full responsibility for making informed decisions that consider their effect on all people and all species, now and in the future.

We are grateful for the support from development partners and Straight Talk Foundation friends and general support from our other contributors.
Best Regards,
Susan Ajok, Executive Director