Straight Talk Foundation is an indigenous communication for development not-for-profit organization with invaluable experience in the design and management of health and development communications programs. It started as a UNICEF-funded newspaper, Straight Talk, in 1993 and acquired NGO status in 1997.


The primary target audience of Straight Talk Foundation is young people 10- 24 years. Teachers and parents are targeted as a secondary audience.


Originally, STF focused entirely on adolescent sexuality and reproductive health (ASRH) and preventing HIV. However, STF has grown into an organization that works powerfully and purposefully with adults as well as young people and has a focus much broader than HIV. This broader focus includes “livelihoods” and the environment. This broader focus has arisen partly because the HIV epidemic cannot be addressed by only focusing on HIV alone: HIV is inter-twined with the multiple crises facing Uganda – in livelihoods, education and the environment.


STF has a specialized niche with young people, and a comparative advantage in communication for social and behaviour change. Its radio and print materials are trusted household names and it is a world best practice: proven, documented and replicable. Though it begun with a focus on adolescents, its work with adults has also grown tremendously through the family life approaches targeting parents, teachers and communities at large. Straight Talk Foundation has technical expertise in education, early childhood development, HIV, Sexual and Reproductive Health gender, life skills and rights, alcohol abuse other risk and protective factors. STF work has grown to include education, livelihoods, environmental protection, disability and special needs.